branding a caregivers' financial solution for funding.

United States // Fintech

Brand Positioning & Message. Logo Design. Visual System. Mobile App UI/UX Design.

Caregiving is hard. Especially when you are not prepared. And your loved ones depend on you. HighGround is a powerful, affordable, and innovative all-in-one financial management platform, that empowers Caregivers. Our Lead Consultant, John Murinye, was invited to collaborate closely with HighGround team. To develop branding, positioning, logo design and a mobile experience design that would prepare HighGround for seed-funding.

We had several discussions to better understand HighGround’s solution for Caregivers. We looked through the data they had collected and commissioned, which included interviews with Caregivers. The research revealed that Caregivers are afraid of making financial mistakes — which result in their loved ones becoming victims of fraud. Being busy, juggling many responsibilities at the same time, made quality care and financial management both a struggle and challenge. Our solution was to craft messaging and define a brand position that helped Caregivers know that HighGround was a solution built from ground-up — specifically to help make their caregiving better and easier.

HighGround Fintech Branding — Zarura Creative
HighGround Fintech Branding — Zarura Creative

The HighGround brand is built on the simple idea of simplifying the financial management process for Caregivers. Many Caregivers don't have financial backgrounds. So it was important that we build the brand messaging, position, visual identity and product on the same premise of simplicity. We developed the brand mantra: Better Financial Care. This guided us in creating a simple logo mark that embodies the HighGround spirit of improving financial care with simplicity.

HighGround Fintech Branding — Zarura Creative