What Is Customer Experience?

By Kudzai Mushori

It’s the way a brand handles or treats their customer before, during and after using their product or service. There are two sides to Customer Experience — good or bad. Within the two is determined if your brand will grow fast and will be strong to your clients.

I have realized that good Customer Experience is the foundation of a good name or good brand. So experience being one of the important steps to building a good brand, it is very necessary we talk about what is needed to offer good Customer Experiences.

1 Kindness to customers

The way you treat a customer will always define your brand. You have to realize and understand that you are a resemblance of the brand you represent. What ever good will you offer the customer will be associated to the brand. The same is true, if you treat a customer badly. Every customer will tell when she/he is treated with kindness and will always come to do business where they were shown love and kindness.

2 Presentation

This is the first impression that every customer will experience. You should always remember you represent your brand and however you look — is how your brand will be interpreted. The way you present yourself will always sell your product for you. You can’t go selling fries or property wearing a mechanic’s work suit. Presentation is not only about dressing, it goes as far as how you conduct yourself.

What about if I have a difficult customer? We’ve put together an article that may help you.

Dealing With A Difficult Customer.

3 Communication

As a brand, there is power in the way you communicate with your customers. Have it in mind that you are the voice of your brand. Your brand speaks through you. How bold you explain or represent your brand, so will your customers see. Try to be cheerful when talking to people, show that you are happy to have them.

4 Listening carefully to customers

Almost every everyone in this life needs attention and appreciates it. So whenever you listen to a customer, she/he will probably have a feeling that, with brand X — I’m always welcome. Try to be always patient with the customer. Listen to their problem or complaints. This makes the customer feel appreciated and heard.

5 Create an emotional connection with your customers

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.”
Well, the best customer experiences are achieved when you or one of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer. This will increase chances of the customer recommending you to other people.

Work on these tips, and you will certainly gain ground in better Customer Experiences for your brand.